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Textil Elástico

Product focused: We arrange with each customer the specific needs and we go along with them on the whole development of the project. We can design a wide variety of products such as:



However, thanks to our integral service we could study any other type of article to adapt the production to the specific needs of each customer.

More than 50 years designing orthopedic garments

Our 50 years of experience allows us to develop orthopedic garments with extraordinary features such as:


  • Great elasticity in the tissues (bielastic).

  • Anatomical shape garments that provide comfort and facilitate placement.

  • Designs without compression neither in toe nor in the waist.

  • Extra-soft fabrics.


Short stockings

Long stockings



Sport socks

Fabrics and raw materials

In the past, stockings were made with cotton and rubber (natural rubber). Rubber is a product that can be greatly affected by creams, oils... for this reason it was replaced by synthetic yarns that have greater durability.


Currently, the elastic fabrics of the garments we manufacture are made of:


  • Polyamide

  • Elastane or Elastomers.


The quality of our raw materials which all come from the European Union, is the basis for guaranteeing the excellence of our products.

All our suppliers are OEKOTEX certified, a worldwide certification quality control system for textile raw materials.

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